Protect Your Tiny House From Invading Insects

Moving to a tiny home is a step towards conserving energy. It is indeed a revolutionary idea, as it let you stay close to nature, and contribute a lot to keep the environment free of pollution.  However, tiny houses are always prone to insect attack, and you need to take preventive measure to keep away these unwanted visitors.

The most common insect that invades your home is ants and termites. Let’s have a look at the steps to make the house free of these.

Termite proof building material:

Whenever you buy building material for your home, make sure that you buy the termite proof one. You can get specially treated tiny house kits that are termite resistance. This variety lasts long and shows the better result. Using a termite resistant building for the construction of your tiny home is better than taking preventive measures.

Keep natural herbs:

You can either plant or keep herbs in dried form to prevent insects. The herbs that repel insects are basil, lavender, lemongrass, lemon thyme, mint, and rosemary. You can use a lemon balm that repels away mosquitoes. Plants which repel biting bugs are citronella, catnip, marigold, lavender, and peppermint.

Clutter-free kitchen, and basin:

The more you leave used utensils in your kitchen, the more it attracts cockroach and other bugs. Make sure that you wash them immediately. In case it’s not possible to clean quickly, just keep that immersed in soapy water throughout the night and remove the dirt in the morning.

Seal windows with taps

Sealing windows with the tap are the best way to protect you from insect entering your home. Arrange to fix tapes around the window joints, which can prevent insect creep inside to your home.  Alternatively, you can keep adhesive trapping around the window joints, which can trap the insects from creeping in. This way you can prevent them from entering your house.

Pest control

Do mandatory pest control service every three months, which can effectively check the insect growth in and around your home.  While engaging the pest control team, make sure to service the premises and clean small bushes and water logging areas if any of your home premises which are the possible breeding center for insects. Purchase a portable heating chamber so that you may treat any object infested with the bed bug in your home.

Keep away from wet soils

Involve the pest control body or might be avoided keeping moist soils and organic decomposed matter to being infested with gnats. These are small fly-like insects that can sit on your food causing harm.


Apart from the above, there are many things; you need take care to control insect attack on your home.  When you are buying a mattress, make sure that it’s new and in excellent condition. Put your bedding in sunlight occasionally, to avoid infection from any bed bug.

Most important part of a tiny house is that it is compact and does not have room for lavishness. So, to keep away from insects and pests are very important. To get rid of them is easier since you don’t have a lot of stuff to maintain. Moreover, if you can manage some simple remedies like hanging chalk in the closet, spraying white vinegar around doors and window frames will help a lot. Apart from the physical cleaning, adopt some natural remedies which will help you to keep your house free from pests and insects.

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