Buffett, by Roger Lowenstein

Review: Buffett, the Making of an American Capitalist, by Roger Lowenstein

January 21st, 2013

Most books about Warren Buffett give us a brief picture of Warren’s life, but concentrate on analyzing his known investments and then putting together the author’s perceptions of why he bought the shares and why he sold them.

This well written and interesting book concentrates on the life of Wall Street’s most successful investor, focussing on the man, rather than the system. The reader soon learns that the perceived image of Warren Buffett is not always the same as the real life man.

The home spun man from Omaha, Nebraska, is not perfect, by any means, and has made mistakes, both in his investments and in his life. To his credit, he frequently and disarmingly admits to error.

This is not a book that is essential to an understanding to the investment secrets of Warren Buffett. It does however give us an insight into the way his original method of thinking has given him the financial success that he enjoys today and, in this respect, it is an invaluable investment aid. Strongly recommended.

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