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Berkshire Hathaway


Berkshire Hathaway, originally a textile company, has become the investment vehicle for Warren Buffett and his colleague, Charlie Munger. The story of how this Nebraska insurance company has become one of the world’s most successful investment stories through the investment wisdom and astute management of its managers is a fascinating one.

The company is the owner of several successful businesses, including GEICO Insurance, See’s Candy Shops and Blue Chip Stamps. Its acquisition policy of buying a good owner-operated business and getting the owners to stay has also proved successful; for example, the Nebraska Furniture Mart. The company has also very profitable ‘permanent holdings’ in such brand name companies as Coca Cola and The Washington Post.

Berkshire Hathaway does not pay dividends, although its management has foreshadowed that dividends may be paid in future years. The price of a share in the company in 1982 was $750. As at 20 January 2004, one share is worth $86,200.

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